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mobileACS 1.0.0.
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mACS(mobile Authomatic Color System)  practise  to compare two or more color. Only take picture with this software can calculate dE, dA, dB and dL.. And we know one sample color deference or not(pass /fail)  with Standard.

Description :
The RGB Color System, assuming to used integer number in range 0  to 255 to represent color. With this integer it is possible 255 * 255 * 255 deference combination of the primery color.

red                     green                      blue

Every one sees color a little deferenct.So we need standard way to talk about color and how well to matches another.CIELAB make tree dementional map to think about color and compare color for quality control and how closely twi color match.

The two or more color being compare, the target and sample color. The most important measurement  within this map and used at industry is delta E(dE). If dE = 0 it is mean two color the same. dE of 1 or less is defined as the deference that not to human eye.

In this software our handphone can take standard and sample/target color. Than handphone can calculated dE, dA, dB and dL. So it is very practice to check  or used at QC in color industri like textile, ceramic paint etc. The software can compare until  9 target sample


              take picture                               calculate dE

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