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Bluetooth Blast Advertising  (Any Bluetooth activated Handset/PDA/HP within 100 metres will receive the message)

by indosoft | support

- Bluetooth Blast Advertising software can send text messages, picture/text/video audio/software application 24 hours per day
- Can broadcast to more recipients simultaneously
- Can schedule multiple messages from the same unit
- Any Bluetooth activated Handset/PDA within 100 metres will receive the message

Description :

We provide marketing systems that allow you to send FREE environmentally friendly adverts to mobile phones. You can send java application or only picture/vidio audio like brochure  to your target market.

Example advert what we can send:

    text/image/animation/vidio advert   

example java application advert, include  schedule film, title, buy ticket etc





Category    :
- Java Application for Mobile / j2me,   dotnet

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