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Insurance Broking System 

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Insurance Broking System  is full integrated system for insurance broker include placing slip, quotation, covernote, production, renewal, production, reconsiliation , report management, claim management,  account

Description :
Insurance Broking System  include property, marine and motor insurance. This system have some module like :
 -  data base management include : data of client, insurer, sales, currency
 - broking management include : placing slip, quotation, covernote,  renewal, endorsement,     production,  reconsiliation,   debitnote, creditnote, Report management
  - claim management : accept claim from client, report claim,  tracks and controls the progress of each claim, ensuring that, they are on schedule , Maintains historical record of all claims , Claims Status report tracks the completion of necessary actions , Document Checklist report , Claim Status report ,Pending Claim report
 - Accounting ,created GL, Balanced Sheet, Journal, Cash, report management etc

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- dotnet, destop application.

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