Mobile Application  


With this software we can more efective to pressure zona reflexy because it can make your handphone vibrate. Reflexy can improve circulation and help promote natural function of related areas of the body.
Another that it's include library of zona reflexy area, so you can improve you self health


mobile SMSForm Data Collection

mobile SMSForm used for data collection and send SMS with special / unique text, then server will process this text and input to central database.

The example of text what this SMS FORM will send, such as






SMS Business Solution

If you would like to use of SMS Business Solution , please contact us. We help you with SMS for  : product launches, promotion, automatic SMS response, personalized SMS Broadcast to existing databases held by the client on days and exact times required (personalized if names are available), education etc


Nyamuk V 1.0.0

This anti- mosquito software. Practice to use for fishing, traveling, camping et

Bluetooth Blast Advertising


Bluetooth Blast Advertising software, that will help you get more customers! Send welcome message (picture/text/video(audio/software application) to all bluetooth devices in range. Provide to users all information about your products! Allow user interaction to server! Bluetooth Blast, the new mobile marketing media channel will enable companies or brands to reach their specific target audience and offer a one-to-one interactive communication. It also provides the opportunity to build a closer relationship 



mobileACS 1.0.0.

mACS ( mobile Automatic  color System)  practice  to compare two or more color. Only take picture with this software can calculate dE, dA, dB and dL.. And we know one sample color deference or not (pass / fail)  with Standard


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       Business/Industrial   Application


 Insurance Broking System

This system is specifically designed for insurance Broker providers so it suited your needs exactly. Using the Schematic system will give you a competitive edge as we can outperform our competitors by selling more policies, reducing costs, and bringing our products to market faster."

  Insurance Broker System is full      integrated system, such as  :
- placing slip, quotation, covernote, production,  renewal, reconsiliation

 - claim management
 - Accounting


  Laboratory Management System

Laboratory Management System/ LIMS have all  functions and features to make your laboratory productive, efficient and compliant. It can monitoring All activity mainly material activity. So it will easy make composition, planning production and quality management. Laboratory Management System  has many built-in frameworks for standard laboratory operations. These frameworks can be tailored to your needs without time consuming customization

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     Web Application

    lessprivate Online
Our e-learning system and m-learning have mission to improve math, physic and chemistry    learning. Student can online tutoring, send question.

We use 2 screen video for answer question from student, and use virtual whiteboard for online tutoring.

  e-Commerce, News, Business Solution

Our web base solution for business, news, education. For case study open or It integrated from backend management, news, real time cost, automatic graphic, e-commerce, mobile application, sms gateway.

We can be tailored to your needs without time consuming customization



Periodic Table Tetris

Test you capability on chemistry. Study, fun and play game, it comfortable for height school and university student.





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